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Here you find 6 important tips for NATA Drawing Test.
1. Practice use of a dry medium like pencils, color pencils, dry pastels. Though good sketching is essential, the questions are being asked from topics like effects of light and shadow, sense of perspective drawing, understanding scale and proportions, memory drawing, composing 3 – dimensional elements etc. Hence developing these skills are equally important.
2. Be creative. Try to apply your own, creative ideas which are not conventional. Increase your observation power. Read books/magazines and develop a genuine passion for art.
3. Practice one point and two point perspective. Practice for shortening concept.
4. Try and work on A4 and A5 size sheets. A4 size is the normal standard size of answer sheets in the examination. Avoid practicing in A3 size sketch books.
5. Time your drawing during the practice. Your creative skills are useless if you are unable to complete the drawing within stipulated time. So speed is very important.
6. Always draw with a light hand first, doing mainly the outlining without the details. When you are finally satisfied with the proportions, you may finalise it.