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How to score more than 150 + marks in NATA 2020

The overall Qualifying mark for NATA is 70 (Separately it is 30 marks for Mathematics and General Aptitude and 20 marks for Drawing). However, considering the overall competition and to get admission in top B. Arch Colleges (Top B. Arch Colleges in India) it is essential to get good score. Any score above 150 is required if you want admission in such top B.Arch Colleges.


Here you find 10 important tips to get more than 150+ score.
1. Analyse the “NATA Syllabus” thoroughly.
2. Prepare/buy proper study materials/books.
3. Prepare a time table which is suitable for you. Follow the time table and prepare the entire syllabus thoroughly.
4. Attempt all the previous year question papers carefully and sincerely. Attempt as many Model test as possible. Solving questions will help to improve the speed and accuracy.
5. Clear your doubts immediately. This will help to improve your concept clarity and you will not forget it.
6. Identify your areas of strength and weakness. Work hard to improve your weaker areas with the help of your guide / teacher.
7. Revise frequently. Revision will help to improve your conceptual clarity and you will not forget the Portions which you have already studied.
8. In drawing, understand the questions carefully. Lot of practice, observation and dedication is the key to secure goods marks. [NATA DRAWING TIPS]
9. Always aim high. Set your target high (150+). Always stay positive. Nothing is impossible if you work hard.
10. Don’t stress yourself, talk to your parents/friends about your difficulties and take advice. Eat well and sleep well. Reach the exam hall one hour prior to exam time. Check your hall ticket and other stationary items before starting from home. This will help to keep your mind calm and you will be able to answer all questions easily.